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The Surprise Party

By Didi GormanThe surprise birthday party I had organized for my colleague, Lizzy, turned out to be much more of a ‘surprise’ than had previously been foreseen, and not only for Lizzy. A ‘shock party’ is a more suitable definition perhaps, to what had transpired that day.And it had all seemed so perfect.On March 11th, her birthdate, I arranged all our team [...]

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What’s that Word Again?

By Didi GormanSometimes, just as you’re speaking, a word will refuse to manifest itself. It will sit there, on the tip of your tongue, rebelliously absent, determined to irritate you to no end as you attempt to retrieve it from its hideout, somewhere in a distant corner of your brains.I had a close encounter with [...]

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How Long does it Take to Read this Post? (And other Thoughts about Writing)

By Didi GormanThis post will take you approximately three minutes to read.Can you guess how long it has taken me to write it? The Myth of Fast WritingA prevalent misconception is that if a piece can be read in a matter of minutes, it must have, therefore, been written in one short sitting.The truth is, creative writing (blogs, columns, fiction) [...]

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​Homemade Fruit Pops, no Added Sugar

By Didi Gorman Our fruit popsicles today are made entirely from fruit, without the addition of sugar or water.It’s important to choose fruit that is very ripe, since it’s naturally sweeter and juicier.The colour of the popsicles will depend on the fruit we choose. Oranges and mangoes yield yellow-orange pops, while watermelons, strawberries, and raspberries yield a variety of reds.Popsicles [...]

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Mission Impossible: Don’t Touch your Face

By Didi Gorman** This piece was written during the COVID-19 lockdown ** Ever since the health authorities instructed us not to touch our faces, I’ve become terribly aware of how many times I’ve been breaching the new directive. A few rogue hairs, for example, have been waiting precisely for the occasion of the pandemic to tickle my chin. I tried ridding [...]

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It Started with an Empty Page: The Birth of an Article

By Didi Gorman If you had to read the first draft of this article, you wouldn’t be able to make much sense of it. Incomplete paragraphs, half sentences, crossed-out words, and random phrases marked with asterisks were scattered all over the page; nothing like the nicely organized text you’re reading right now.Writing is a complex process, and today I’ll take [...]

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Fifty Shades of Pink

By Didi GormanHave you ever ordered paint over the phone?No, you haven’t? I didn’t think so. And I wouldn’t have either, had these been normal times and I could just pop to the hardware store and choose the paint myself. But these aren’t normal times, mind you. These are Covid-19 lockdown days, and I just so happened to want to [...]

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Who did I Send that Text Message to?

By Didi GormanAs soon as I hit send I have a premonition.Have I sent that email to the right person?I have a quick look again and, yes, phew, I indeed sent it to my mom, thank heavens. Not like that time, a few months back, when I hastily texted my husband to come pick me up at the end [...]

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Don't Forget to Subscribe

By Didi Gorman ‘Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification button,’ pleaded my favorite Youtuber at the end of a clip.‘Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, hit that notification button, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter,’ requested another.‘Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, hit that notification button, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, check out [...]

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Personal Encounter with Anxious Thoughts

By Didi Gorman** This piece was written during the Covid-19 lockdown **I hadn’t noticed the shift in the way I was thinking, at first. Angst had been creeping up on me, but too insidiously to register. Later, I couldn’t ignore it anymore.A good few weeks into the lockdown, I realized I was fretting over things that wouldn’t have normally bothered [...]

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