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1-minute-prep Frozen Yogurt with Blueberries (no added sugar)

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Our dessert today is light and refreshing and contains only two ingredients: frozen blueberries and yogurt (or kefir). If you have homemade yogurt or kefir on hand, this is a great opportunity to use it.

There’s no need to freeze this treat after preps. The frozen fruit will freeze the yogurt/kefir after a few minutes.

Sweetened by: fruit only

Preps: 1 minute
Serves: 1

You will need:
A handful unsweetened frozen blueberries
34 -1 cup plain yogurt/plain Greek yogurt/plain kefir (I use homemade kefir)

How to make it: :
Pour blueberries into serving bowl and cover with yogurt/kefir. Let sit for a couple of minutes, then mix with a spoon. The yogurt/kefir will freeze and turn pink.

Go enjoy your frozen yogurt and I will take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend,

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