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Soaked Nut Butters


Soaked nut butters are a delicious and easily digestible way to get healthy fats into your daily diet. These satisfying spreads from our friends at JoshEWEa’s Garden are based on raw organic soaked and dried crispy nuts, combined with organic coconut oil, locally harvested raw honey, and a little salt to create a taste sensation. Available in five great flavors. Great as a dip for your favorite fruits or veggies, or served on crackers or toast.


Why it’s important to soak nuts

Soaking in warm salt water helps to minimize or eliminate the nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances found in nuts and seeds. Soaking also increases vitamin B levels, and makes the proteins in the nuts more readily available for absorption.

After the soaking stage, the nuts are dried at low temperatures to keep them raw. They are then blended with organic coconut oil, raw honey, and salt to create a delicious spread. 

I just wanted to thank you for offering such amazing, healthful choices! We received our food yesterday, and are over the moon with it. The cashew butter is delicious and something I feel good about serving my family. Most importantly, they will actually eat it! Thanks so much!
Bridget Holt, Cedar Park, TX