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3rd-gen.-starter.jpgHere are some of the compliments that we've received from our customers. We'd be delighted to hear from you too!

You can use the Review option in the product pages to add your comments, or just write to us at

We are very pleased with your line of cultured veggies and starter culture. The response from my customers has been great! We would love to continue to stock your fabulous products. We also want to add your cultured veggie juice line to this order for our customers to try. Thank you for producing such wonderful cultured products.
Oryana Food Co-op, Traverse City, Michigan

I love your products and am able to make sauerkraut easily and deliciously with your starter culture. Thank you for such yummy, helpful food!
Stacey Hillegas

Back at the beginning of the year you gave me some helpful info on making sauerkraut with your starter culture.  Just want to let you know that I've been very pleased with the results and the reliability of the product.  I had made sauerkraut in the past and sometimes had to deal with the heartbreak of a batch going "off", so it's really nice to know you're basically guaranteed of a good result with Caldwell's.
AT, Vancouver

My husband and I are retired, and since we use food as medicine we ferment all of our own foods. We go through about 8 boxes of Caldwell's Starter Culture per year just for our own fermenting, and sometimes even more. Caldwell's is the most wonderful product on the face of this earth for fermenting so it is very necessary to use it!
Turquoise Hooper, WA