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Why "lacto"? Does it contain milk or lactose? What if I am lactose-sensitive?

There is no milk nor milk by-products in Caldwell's raw cultured vegetables. The term "lacto" comes from the name biologists have given to a broad family of "friendly" bacteria which have one characteristic in common: they transform sugars into lactic acid. Some of those bacteria are specific to milk; others are specific to the vegetable domain.

 The starter culture that we add to our vegetables does contain minute quantities of milk powder. However, by the time these already tiny amounts are diluted in the vegetable mix, the final proportion is below detectable limits (fractions of 1 part per million). We have not heard of anyone with dairy sensitivities having reactions to our products.

Is there a risk that nonylphenol (EMC's) will leach from the plastic wrapping into the vegetables?

The plastic material used for packaging Caldwell's products has been tested by the Food Research and Development Center of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Products that had been packaged for more than 8 months contained no trace of nonylphenol.

Are there any genetically modified or irradiated ingredients in your products?

No! Our products contain no genetically modified or irradiated ingredients.

Are Caldwell's cultured vegetables and juices Gluten-free?


What is the sodium content of Caldwell's products?

The sodium content of Caldwell's products varies between 1.5% and 1.8%.

What are the ingredients of your starter culture?

The ingredients in our starter are: sugar (as a carrier), skim milk powder, ascorbic acid, active lactic bacteria.

Do you use water to make your products and if yes, is the water filtered?

Yes, we add pure filtered spring water from a source on our land.

Are your products free of gluten, soy, dairy, iodine?

We are not certified as gluten and soy free, but there is no reason why these would be in our products. The ingredients that we use (organic vegetables and spices) are not supposed to have any gluten, soy, or iodine added. The pure sea salt that we use may have some minute traces of iodine in it, although the level in the final fermented vegetables would be even smaller. Likewise for dairy - there may be traces of dairy in the starter culture that we use, but the proportion in the final fermented vegetables is below detectable levels (fractions of one part per million).