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How should I defrost the frozen products?

Due to condensation, frozen items often produce some moisture when they thaw out. It's important to place all frozen items in a container before defrosting them.

How exactly are my products packed?

Your products will be carefully packed in an insulated container while still frozen, with sealed packs of dry ice. The dry ice is completely safe and usually dissipates before your package arrives. Additional heavy-weight packing paper is used to keep items from shifting during shipping, and as additional insulation.

Caldwell cultured vegetables are packed in lightweight BPA-free vacuum packs. Any glass or fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap.

Boxes of starter culture are packed in plastic bags when included with cold items, to protect them from dampness due to condensation. If your order is for starter cultures only, we will mail it to you in standard USPS packaging.

I received my order yesterday. I opened the box and there was no “dry ice”. Where is it?  Should I be concerned? 

The dry ice is designed to keep the products cool during shipping, and it dissipates en route. This explains why the plastic pouches that contained it were empty when your order arrived. That's fine, it's supposed to work that way. The material is not harmful, it's especially designed and certified as safe for use with food products.

How should I store my raw cultured vegetables and juices when I receive them?

Our cultured vegetables and juices can be kept refrigerated for several months while unopened, or they can be kept frozen up to one year for long-term storage. Due to the presence of lactic acid, freezing these products, and even refreezing them after thawing, does not harm the enzymes or beneficial bacteria; they are only in a state of suspension, and become active again once thawed. 

Check out our Storage FAQ page for additional information.

When I opened my package all of the vegetables and juices were thawed out. Is it safe to eat?

Unlike most perishable foods, the presence of lactic acid protects the raw cultured vegetables and juices. They are safe to eat even if they arrive thawed but still cool. Your products should be refrigerated or frozen as soon as possible after you receive them.

How should I store my frozen organic bread?

Organic bread should be refrigerated or frozen upon receipt. Slightly thawed sealed bread may be safely refrozen with no perceptible loss of quality or nutritional value. After thawing, the bread should be kept refrigerated in a closed bag.

Where should I store my starter cultures? And how long will they keep?

When you receive your order, please be sure to refrigerate your boxes of starter culture. For best results, use within several months. We do not recommend keeping the vegetable starter culture in the freezer. However, yogurt starter cultures should be kept in the freezer.