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Who did I Send that Text Message to?

Posted by Didi Gorman on

By Didi Gorman

Didi Gorman, Wise Choice Market's blog writer

As soon as I hit send I have a premonition.

Have I sent that email to the right person?

I have a quick look again and, yes, phew, I indeed sent it to my mom, thank heavens.

Not like that time, a few months back, when I hastily texted my husband to come pick me up at the end of parent-teacher interviews, only to be surprised, ten minutes later, by an unfamiliar van pulling by the curb, in which a colleague of mine I’d barely ever spoken to was now motioning me with a gesture to get in the car. “Sorry I’m late, I was in the middle of supper,” he muttered hesitantly, the uncertainty clearly visible in his expression.

Yeah, I know. Embarrassing.

Or that time when I sent my mom a whole bunch of pictures of my cute little kids (when they were still cute and little) building sandcastles on the beach, only to realize I had accidentally sent those to our accountant…

Why do so many names start with ‘T’ these days?

The worst, though, was when I jokingly texted ‘You’re such a weirdo!’ to my bestie (inside joke, she’d understand. I don’t really think she’s a weirdo. Not always, in any case).

Let’s just say I’m glad the school principal had a good sense of humor…


Check the recipient’s name before clicking send and possibly, don’t call your friends ‘weirdo.’