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Reflections of an Overwhelmed Parent

By Didi GormanLike many other parents these days, since the beginning of the lockdown I’ve been trying to establish some kind of a daily routine for the family: one that would allow me to keep working while, at the same time, ‘being there’ for the children in these trying times; and all this while attempting to keep on top [...]

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Let’s call it Dystopia

By Didi Gorman A few months ago I was reading a historical novel set in seventeenth-century plague-ridden Europe, told by a fictional young maid who loses her father, as well as her job and the family’s only income, to the disease.I remember marveling at the author’s ability to capture the essence of what it must have been like to live [...]

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The Lost Parcel

By Didi GormanIdea by Uri Gorman and Didi Gorman Dorothy has just completed an online purchase of a pink floral glossy handbag with two fluffy pompoms attached to the strap, and she could hardly wait to show her friends this sassy retirement gift that she had just treated herself to.But, alas! Little does our Dorothy know that her parcel will [...]

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Stories of our Times: Toilet Paper Tales Part 2

By Didi GormanWhat happens when two customers spot the one last toilet paper pack left in the grocery store? Several possible scenarios could unfold.It may start with a race. On your mark, get set, go! Both contestants sprint with their groceries-filled carts towards the irresistible bathroom supply and the winner takes it all (ay, ay, the pun, the pun…)Then there’s [...]

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Stories of our Times: Toilet Paper Tales Part 1

By Didi Gorman**Author’s note: Though not entirely imaginary, the tale you’re about to read is still mostly a work of fiction, aimed to bring a smile to all of you out there. Stay safe.**From where I was standing in the grocery store I could spot one last toilet paper pack on the very top shelf in the cleaning supplies [...]

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How are you these days?

By Didi GormanWhen I first had the idea for this post, a few days ago, I thought I would write a mood-booster piece by pointing out a few positives that have emerged out of this surreal reality we’ve been subject to in the past few weeks.I have to confess though, that focusing on anything bright and happy right now [...]

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Banana-Berry-Kefir Smoothie in 2 Minutes (No Sugar Added)

Supporting our health has never been as crucial as it is nowadays. Our healthy recipe today combines the health benefits of kefir with those of bananas and berries to create a powerhouse of goodness that is refreshing, pleasantly chilled and naturally sweet (courtesy of two very ripe bananas).The fresh kefir provides our gut with friendly probiotics while the fruit adds [...]

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The Senior Ladies’ Unruly NFL Fan Club

By Didi GormanAgnes’s TV was booming. One could hear it echoing throughout the seniors’ residence. Agnes’s TV had boomed all through football season and even more so when the New England Patriots were playing, which was exactly what happened tonight. At 89 years of age, Agnes was the founder of the residence football fan club ‘the NFL parliament’, the [...]

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Confessions of a (really not) Great Cook

Once upon a time there was a fantastic chef who happened to be nearsighted and astigmatic and therefore, upon attempting to bake fruit pie for dessert, accidentally mistook dried tomatoes for dry cranberries. Oh, was that fruit pie one of its kind!One day, that same chef attempted a vegetable soup recipe. As it happens, she was also a food blog [...]

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Words Left Unsaid

By Didi Gorman The discrepancy between his words and his demeanor left me uncomfortable. He was trying too hard to sound glamorous, yet he looked dispirited. Rick was a childhood friend of ours, of my brother Patrick’s and mine. He was gifted with a keen entrepreneurial mind and no small amount of charisma. Later, after we both [...]

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