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Healthy cereal that's easy to digest

The fiber and proteins in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and oats are often hard for many people to digest. Nature provides grains with enzyme inhibitors to protect them for long term storage.

This is good for the grain, but not for your digestion!

The importance of reactivating the enzymes

The key factor to make grains easier for digestion is to re-activate the enzymes.

One of these enzymes is phytase. This enzyme is necessary to neutralize phytic acid, a form of phosphorus that is not readily available to your body. Phytic acid is converted by your body into phytates. Phytates bind with minerals, such as iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium, so re-activating the phytase enzyme can help prevent mineral depletion.

For better digestion and mineral absorption, grains should be soaked or sprouted in an acidic medium to re-activate the enzymes, including phytase.

Ready-made organic soaked cereal

It takes a great deal of time and effort to soak, dry and mix in additional ingredients to make your own healthy cereal.

We offer delicious, oat-based, ready-to-eat organic soaked cereals made with coconut oil, and lightly sweetened with raw honey and maple syrup. So good they can be eaten by the handful, granola-style. They can be covered with your choice of milk for a fast and easy breakfast. Or add boiling water, cover and steep for a hearty and wholesome hot cereal.

Great for kids too!

We know that you as parents want to give your children nutritious cereals that they'll enjoy. And kids love cereal that's fun and tasty.

Here are Simon’s kids (8, 6 and 3) enjoying our organic soaked cereals:


Healthy cereal - delicious! 

Soaked cereal - kids just love it!

And not just for breakfast!

Soaked granola cereals come in a variety of truly scrumptious flavors. Add some to your backpack as an energy snack after sports. Slip a handful (or more!) in sack lunches for a healthy treat. Be sure to have plenty of organic soaked cereal to enjoy any time of the day.

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