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Grass Fed Raw Milk Cheeses

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  • Raw milk cheese from pastured cows contains natural enzymes, vitamins, and essential amino acids.
  • Raw milk cheese from pastured cows contains natural enzymes, vitamins, and essential amino acids.




These wonderful cheeses from Farmstead Fresh are made from the raw unpasteurized milk of grass fed Jersey cows, raised on small Amish family farms. 

Much like the traditional farming methods used in centuries gone by, the standards on these farms go far beyond organic, without the use of any artificial fertilizers, synthetic hormones, or toxic pesticides.

The healthy and happy grass fed cows are never force-fed to produce more milk than they were designed to produce. This is just one of the reasons why natural cheeses are so delicious and nutritious. Read more about the benefits of raw and grass fed foods ...

Truly raw

Unfortunately, most cheeses labeled as ‘raw’ are in fact heated to just below 161 degrees Fahrenheit, the legal threshold for pasteurization. It has been demonstrated that temperatures above 110 degrees denature the milk’s enzymes, and effectively destroy its beneficial bacteria.

Our cheeses are not pasteurized, and the raw milk never exceeds 103 degrees during the entire artisanal cheesemaking process. The subsequent aging period of 60 days in traditional curing cellars adds a depth of flavor, and ensures compliance with FDA specifications for raw milk cheeses.

Researchers at Utah State University have confirmed that cows grazing on pasture have up to 500% more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in their milk fat. They also found higher levels of calcium, protein, and vitamins in grass fed milk. More great reasons to enjoy delicious raw cheese from grass fed cows!


Raw dairy cheese is the only cheese I can eat and I found your site when searching for raw milk mozzarella. The cheeses were packaged well and arrived in perfect condition.  Your site was a blessing for me to find.

-Bonnie Kauffman, Westminster, MD.