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Food preservation through the ages

Lactic fermentation is an ancient method used by many peoples throughout the world for preserving vegetables. Even before cultivating vegetables, man fermented wild plants.

Fermented vegetables have been prepared and consumed throughout history by people all over the world. 

Lacto fermented cabbage was already known in China some six thousand years ago and served as a staple food for those who built the Great Wall of China. Today the dish known as "sauerkraut" is still the German national dish.

Fermented vegetables

Many peoples, in particular the Koreans, the Japanese and the Northern and Central Europeans, have used lactic fermentation as a practical method of preservation, as well as for the particular flavor the process gives to foods.

Food preservation methods today

With the development of pasteurization and freezing as methods of preservation, this more traditional technique has fallen into disuse in most "developed" countries.

Today, however, the medical establishment is faced with a new and worrisome phenomenon, as an increasing number of bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Alternative solutions are being sought for the prevention and the treatment of infectious diseases.

Raw fermented foods are empirically known as an important factor contributing to health and disease prevention, and researchers throughout the world are now looking into the scientific basis for the therapeutic qualities of fermented foods.

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