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Salmon Caviar (Ikura)

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  • Salmon caviar (ikura), is a very nutrient-dense food.
  • A delightful selection of wild salmon fillets, smoked salmon and salmon caviar (ikura)



Ikura, also known as salmon caviar, is a very nutrient-dense food, made from wild salmon eggs.

Our ikura is harvested and processed on-board the F/V Njord by owner-operated Loki Fish Co, founded in 1979 by Pete Knutson and Hing Lau Ng. Today, Pete and his older son Jonah run two boats, F/V Loki and F/V Njord, harvesting wild salmon and halibut from southeast Alaska and Puget Sound.

The wild salmon eggs are cured in small batches with a light salt brine to enhance flavor and preserve quality. Shipped to you frozen in 4oz glass jars, our ikura is perfect spread on sprouted bread or gluten free bread, for making your own sushi, garnishing deviled eggs, and enjoying with cheese and crackers.

Fish eggs have been considered a sacred food since ancient times. Dr. Weston A Price noted the great lengths the natives of the Andes went to carry dried fish roe from sea level back to their villages high in the mountains - sometimes hundreds of miles - to supply those of childbearing age with the nutrients needed to make the healthiest of babies.

Read more about the nutrients in essential fatty acids ...

Enjoy your wild seafood with confidence! Read the great lab test results on Loki's wild salmon here.