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Our bone broth and your health

Is there a nutrient difference between beef and chicken bone broth?

There are only slight differences in nutrients. Whether you choose beef or chicken bone broth you'll receive the same minerals from the bones. Both chicken and beef stock include cartilage-rich and marrow-rich bones.

While the collagen/gelatin and minerals are similar in chicken and beef bone broth, one difference seems to be the type of marrow that each imparts to the broth. There are two types of marrow, red and yellow. Click here to read about these differences.

I see that vinegar is one of the ingredients. Why is it added to the broth?

A small amount vinegar is added when cooking the broth to help draw the electrolyte minerals from the bones and into the broth. You can learn more about these minerals and their functions within the body here: Essential Minerals.

I’ve heard that bone broth is healing to the gut. Can you explain?

The gelatin in bone broth is recommended by many health practitioners to help ‘heal and seal’ the mucosal lining of the digestive tract. Bone broth has been used throughout history for its medicinal and health benefits

How long does it take to heal the gut? And how much do I need to consume per day?


Depending on the protocol, some people may experience improvements in a matter of weeks or months. For others with more severe issues, it may take a year or longer. Many people regularly consume a cup of organic bone broth per day for the many health benefits.


We do recommend that you work with a nutritional therapist, or other health provider who can assess your current health condition, set up a protocol, and monitor your progress on an individual basis.


Why is bone broth sometimes included as part of a cleanse or fast?


When simmered in water, bones transfer their easily digested electrolyte minerals to the broth. In addition, collagen, from cartilage-rich bones used to make broth, contains a high concentration of the amino acid glycine. Glycine aids in detoxification as a liver tonic. It also stabilizes blood glucose during times of fasting. Proline, another of bone broth’s amino acids, works with Glycine to help reduce inflammation.


Glycine is one of three amino acid precursors necessary for your body to make glutathione, which is considered the body’s master antioxidant. Read more about glutathione here: Antioxidant Protection.


I’ve heard bone broth referred to as a Superfood.


We certainly think so! Organic bone broth is a delicious nutrient dense beverage that supplies your body with a concentration of minerals, amino acids, collagen and more. It has been used medicinally throughout history and in many cultures. This superfood also adds a lovely depth of flavor when used as a base for making soups, stews, sauces, gravy and more.

Our fermented foods and your health 

Why should I eat cultured vegetables when I can have fresh vegetables?

Because raw cultured vegetables are somewhat "predigested", and contain a lot of enzymes, they will be easier to digest and your body will have an easier time assimilating all the nutrients the vegetables contain. They will also help you digest and assimilate the other foods you eat.

Do I have to eat the whole package at once?

You can, and many people will do just that. However, since raw cultured vegetables are highly assimilable, you do not need to eat large quantities in order to benefit from them. A 2 oz portion taken daily with your meal is sufficient to improve the digestive tract and provide a proper environment for the body's own production of friendly bacteria. Click here for information on how to store the products after opening. 

Which one of your products would you recommend the most?

It's a question of taste. We would nevertheless recommend Caldwell's Grated Beets to anyone suffering from constipation, and the Sliced or Grated Carrots as a good source of assimilable vitamin A .

To what category of people should the product be recommended?

Anyone will benefit from the consumption of raw cultured vegetables, but they are particularly beneficial for the aging, people with digestive problems, and the convalescent.

I suffer from candidose. Will it not make my condition worse?

Many naturopaths will recommend raw cultured vegetables to people with this condition. By the way, one of the main functions of our very own unique lactic bacteria starter culture is to prevent the development of yeasts.

I suffer from diabetes, and I am not supposed to have root vegetables. Can I take your cultured vegetables?

The fermentation process transforms the sugars that are naturally found in vegetables into more assimilable forms. People with diabetes should eat root vegetables only after they have been fermented.

What are the health benefits of the juices?

The juices are full of friendly bacteria and can be used in small quantities to facilitate digestion and restore bacterial flora.


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