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Corona Coiffures by an Incidental Hairstylist

By Didi GormanI have recently taken a liking to the art of hair trimming. Or not exactly. But I was still made into a hairdresser of sorts.That’s because lockdown locks, curfew curls, and mighty manes have developed on various heads of late, whereupon grooming was called for. But who should do the clipping job?Honestly, I don’t know why they were [...]

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Am I Depressing my Rat?

By Didi GormanYou’re perplexed, I can tell. The title begs some explanation. Meet Alfredo, our adorable pet rat.Alfredo and his twin brother, Tippex, live happily in a spacious cage in our living room. (Don’t go ‘eeuw!’ How can such a sweet face be resisted?)Anyway, I just read an article about rats’ mental health in a science magazine. (You’re making [...]

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Chronicles of a Parent Working from Home during Lockdown

By Didi GormanIt’s 8:05 a.m. I’m sitting in front of my computer, sipping my coffee, ready to start my workday. Apart from writing a piece about parenting during quarantine, what else do I need to do today?I check my emails. Not many work-related emails, but plenty of messages from school. I read through them all and add ‘explain math worksheet [...]

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I have a Wish for Mother’s Day

By Didi Gorman Mother’s Day is going to be quite different this year.Sure, there’ll be the usual display on social media of many Mother’s Day cards, gifts, flowers, and homemade breakfasts, as well as an abundance of selfies with smiling offspring.Yet, there’s another dimension this year which might not be so overtly on display, so I’ll use this page to [...]

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Yet Another Unsettling ‘New Normal’ Day

By Didi Gorman This morning started a little rocky. For some reason, I was under the illusion it was Friday. Two hours into my working day I realized today was actually Thursday. As a result, I have advanced on my Friday tasks but am a bit behind on Thursday’s. Not a big deal, but it was still enough to throw [...]

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Vegetable Garden on our Windowsill

By Didi Gorman Images courtesy of Dafna GormanI first saw this idea on social media a couple of weeks ago and I thought of giving it a try. I had never realized vegetables could re-grow themselves out of their own stems like this, and anything that suggests rejuvenation and regeneration is very welcome these days, anyway.So far, our windowsill [...]

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Lockdown Diaries: Trying to Work Here

By Didi Gorman Is it morning yet? I open one eye and look at the clock. It’s 7:17 AM. Oh, well, I guess it’s time to get up. What day is it anyway? The coffee helps me to remember it’s Tuesday. I head to my computer. As a writer who anyway works from home, I’m working as usual. Or at [...]

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Easy Homemade Mango-Strawberry Sorbet, No Added Sugar

By Didi GormanIdea by Dafna GormanOur homemade sorbet today is made of only two ingredients: fresh mangoes and fresh strawberries. No added water, sugar, or anything else. The key is to use very ripe fruit. They are juicy and very sweet (relatively to a fruit) and will naturally sweeten our sorbet and provide it with all the required moisture [...]

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A Rant by a Parent in a Bad Mood

By Didi Gorman I’m in a bad mood these days. Not all the time, but more than usual. I can sense I’m flaring up on the inside by small things that wouldn’t normally annoy me that much.I shouldn’t be complaining, I keep telling myself. I have many reasons to be grateful: Everybody in my family is healthy; no one I [...]

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The Zoom Call

By Didi GormanThere’s an invitation to a Zoom call in one of my emails. It’s titled ‘Virtual family reunion with cousin Shane.’Cousin Shane? Gosh, I haven’t heard from Shane in ages! He’s some kind of distant cousin on my maternal side, and the last time I saw him he must have still been in diapers – it’s been that long! [...]

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