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New! Try our Frontier Blend Bone Broth Frontier Blend Broth

Make your picnics and barbecues fun - and nutritious too!

Kids of all ages (and yes, adults too!) enjoy eating outdoors. 

Family picnicYour picnics and barbecues don’t have to be full of processed junk food – your holiday meals can be healthy, colorful and delicious!

Summer picnicWhether it’s a well-planned picnic, a barbecue with friends or family, or a spur-of-the-moment outdoor outing, don’t forget that fresh fruit and vegetables make great finger food - and cultured vegetables are easy to pack along too.


Veggies in bowls



Side dishes of red cabbage, grated carrots, and sauerkraut will go well with most picnic food, adding color, flavor and those all-important nutrients!

And why not try mixing some spiced sliced carrots into your green salad for that extra taste and crunchy texture!




Add some zing to your picnics and barbecues! Garlic flowers on spoon

BBQHave you tried our delicious fermented garlic flowers?

Organically grown, picked at the summer solstice,and fermented in sunflower oil, these unique garlic flowers liven up meats, fish, salads, vegetarian dishes and more.

Just add a spoonful or two to any dish, and enjoy that delicious flavor!




Why not try our super sampler – one pack of each of our cultured veggies with a jar of garlic flowers

Have fun!