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New! Try our Frontier Blend Bone Broth Frontier Blend Broth

Here are some of the compliments that we've received from our Traditional-made real beef stock and chicken stockcustomers. We'd be delighted to hear from you too!

You can use the Review option in the product pages to add your comments, or just write to us at

So far I have tried the chicken bone broth and the red cabbage. Love them both. I do believe they are helping me restore my gut back to health. Hooray! My RA flare ups were so painful and I had researched that it can be linked to leaky gut. So my thought was to try and heal my gut with your bone broths and raw veggies.... So far so good, I really can see and feel an improvement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Marlene Moreau, Cumming, GA

You guys are the best! I love that I can send broth to people that are far away from me!
Arsineh Vartanian, Santa Cruz, CA

I just tried both of your bone broths at the WAPF conference and they were amazing! I know they were a BIG reason I was able to be alert and energized for the 12 hours days of the conference. I do make my own bone broth, but this is a very nice option to have for people. And when I am busy, it would be nice to have in the freezer. Thanks for making such a great product!
Donna N.

The health benefits are what lured me into trying this super-food and I am glad I did. It tastes just like my Mom's homemade chicken soup, which I was fortunate to have while growing up. I have since become a vegetarian, but this chicken bone broth is my one exception. It has become a very welcomed, warm, soothing, comforting part of my day and I find myself so looking forward to it. I ordered the two pack to try, but I'll be ordering the six pack from now on. Thanks for a wonderful organic product Wise Choice! :-)

I just want to thank you for your email and let you know that I LOVE your bone broth.  Wonderful taste.  I will be re-ordering that and also trying some of your other products soon.  So glad you are out there providing such nutritious and safe products.
Sky J. Columbia, MO

I had some of the Chicken broth last night, and it is DELICIOUS!
Lisa Reese, Chicago Heights, IL