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Birthday Party with Fruit instead of Candy

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Can a birthday party be fun with fruit instead of candy?

In the picture is my solid proof that YES! Big time!

Let me share the story behind the picture.

Yesterday we had a group of kiddos over for our daughter’s birthday party. All aged 9-12.

About half way through the party I placed a few bowls with fresh fruits on the table and called the young ladies for ‘fruit kabobs and fruit designs’.

“Ooh, yummy! I love fruits!”

“Yes! Strawberries!”

I handed each participant a few skewers, toothpicks and a plate, and for the next 10 minutes they were creating fruit faces and fruit kabobs, and devoured every fruit in sight. See the picture? They licked the bowls clean!

We also served a few 'regular' birthday treats afterwards, but the ladies were already quite full from the fruit... 

My conclusion?

A birthday party can be super fun with fruit instead of candy. (And there would probably not be a need for a big cake either, but that’s for another post…)

A few little tricks:

  • The fruit was the first snack offered, and was the only snack on the table. Also, it was served after a few other activities, so the participants were already a little peckish.
  • When my daughter and I went grocery shopping for the party, we chose fruit which was ripe, colorful and appealing. (In the picture: grapes, strawberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, pineapple and banana)

If I piqued your interest, read here how on another occasion we did away with a bday cake altogether! 

Wishing you a fresh and fruity weekend, and a very happy birthday indeed!

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