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Kids love eating – and making - cultured veggies!

One of the best ways to get your kids to be enthusiastic about healthier foods, and to encourage them to try different kinds, is to involve them in the preparation. It’s easy for kids to help with the different stages of preparing your own cultured veggies:

Shredding the vegetables:

Shredding red cabbage

 Adding the starter culture:


 Mixing and filling the jars:

 Mixing and filling the jars

… and of course, sharing the results:




Caldwell’s starter culture has been specially developed for culturing fresh vegetables. Easy to use, it helps to provide consistent results.

enjoying-sauerkraut-and-red-cabbage-200.jpgVeggies cultured with this starter contain beneficial bacteria that can help promote digestive health for kids and adults.

And while you’re waiting for your home-made cultured veggies to mature, don’t forget to stock up on our delicious ready-made range of crisp, crunchy and colorful organic raw cultured veggies

Great for outdoor meals, picnics and barbecues!

Bon Appetit!