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Great Lakes Gelatin

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  • Great Lakes Unflavored Beef Gelatin
  • Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate



Gelatin is a soluble protein extracted from collagen. It has been used as a therapeutic agent since ancient times, and could even be considered as one of the first functional foods.

Although it contains only the amino acids arginine and glycine in large amounts, gelatin acts as a protein sparer, and research has shown it to be useful in the treatment of numerous diseases.

Researcher Francis Pottenger pointed out that because gelatin is a hydrophilic colloid (attracting and holding liquids), it facilitates digestion by attracting digestive juices to food in the gut.

Read more about how gelatin aids in the healing process and supports the body.

Gelatin is also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. When cooled, it imparts that unique jelly-like consistency to homemade jellos, fruit snacks, gummies, and other fun treats.

We are pleased to offer two types of premium quality gelatin. Both are sourced from grass-fed cows, and are free of MSG or other additives. They offer a great way to get the benefits of gelatin into your diet.

  • Regular beef gelatin (in the red can) is comprised of pure cooked collagen. It can only be dissolved in hot liquids, and will gel when cooled.
  • Collagen hydrolysate (in the green can) dissolves in cold or warm liquids, and does not cause gelling.