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What Should I Eat: Sprouted Manna Bread or Sourdough?

Posted by Edna B. Wilson on

While most of us like some type of bread with our meals each day, most conventional breads just aren’t good for you anymore. Often, the packaging labels that say 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat are misleading. Refined wheat flours like unbleached white flour are hard to digest and are stripped of their nutrients 1, leaving us hungry and full of empty calories.

Once you look past wheat breads and over-processed white flour, it’s a toss-up whether to eat sourdough or sprouted manna bread. Both breads are healthier for you and easier to digest, especially if you are gluten sensitive and need to eat gluten-free bread.

Although sprouted grain bread has some gluten, the process of soaking and sprouting the wheat increases the nutrient value and reduces the gluten content 2 and other negative side effects. Sprouting makes the wheat easier to digest and minerals are more easily absorbed.

To make your own manna bread or essence bread, you really only need two ingredients: sprouted wheat berries and water 3. If you want to add flavorings and extra nuts, seeds or shredded vegetables, you can easily do so. Once you have the basic recipe, the rest is up to your imagination.

If you’ve got too much on your plate already and just don’t have time to make your own 4 manna bread, try Manna Organic bakery. They offer a wide variety of organic, kosher, and gluten free breads and chips. If you need to eat gluten-free bread, you’ll find a variety of choices from their virtual bakery on the Wise Choice Market site.

Sourdough bread, like sprouted bread, has many benefits that make it a healthier choice then other breads. With sourdough, the grain is fermented with lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts . In this process, the grain is metabolized by the bacteria and lactic acid is produced; with a lower sugar content. This translates into a low glycemic index that keeps your blood sugar and insulin levels lower.

Almost everyone loves some form of bread: muffins, loaves of bread, biscuits, rolls. With a bit of research into healthier choices and new recipes, you don’t have to give up eating bread. Instead you may find sourdough and sprouted manna bread to be a welcome addition to your meals. 






Image Credits: Igor Trepeshchenok

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