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10 Paleo Diet Books to Take You Around the World in Flavor

Posted by Christina Boyes on

World Tourism Day brought the craving for international flavors to my kitchen, but we’re in the middle of a Whole 30. Finding variety should be pretty east, but when I’m desperately craving a little raw cheese, the first thing that comes to mind is New York-style pizza, and that’s WAY off limits. Funny how cravings for foods you don’t even usually eat hit hard when you’re intentionally avoiding them, isn’t it?

I took my cravings and went searching. The result was a buffet of cookbooks with recipes my family loves. The ten cookbooks in this article made their way onto our plates through powerful flavor, great nutrition, and their 100% Paleo-friendly (and as a result, usually Whole 30-friendly) contents. If you’re tired of kitchen sink eggs, hamburgers, and a plain veg side, spice up your meal with a recipe from one of these books.

At the end of the article, you’ll find a fun little treat in honor of World Tourism Day – an infographic with 10 of the tastiest, healthiest ingredients from around the globe. Feel free to share it!

The Ancestral Table: Traditional recipes for a Paleo lifestyle 1

Russ Crandall’s blog, The Domestic Man, is a popular stop for Paleo dieters who flex their menus a bit with dairy and starch. If you don’t mind the occasional">raw cheese or dairy, this cookbook might be the right pick. It’s packed with flavors from around the world, entirely gluten-free, and brimming with yummy, nutritious whole foods. Love hot pots? Don’t miss the Nabemono. Seriously.

Nom Nom Paleo: Food for humans2

If you like your diet free of legumes, sugar, and grains, bursting with flavor, and loaded with laughs, start here. Michelle Tam’s blog is one of my favorites, and this cookbook embodies her fun spirit and great flavors perfectly. Inspired by California and Asian flavors, one truly special treat form this cookbook is the Spicy Coconut Shrimp. Nom nom is right!

The Paleo Foodie Cookbook3

Written by an Armenian cook with a firm handle on global flavors, one of the best dishes in this book doesn’t have anything to do with the Middle East – the Salmon Ceviche with Mango and Cucumber will make mouths of all ages happy. It’s a refreshing twist on a traditional dish, like most of the dishes in this book.

International Paleo Recipes for Two4

Love crab cakes? Me, too. Tag Powell’s take on this traditional dish is as delightful as the rest of the international flavors he highlights in this 59-recipe volume. If you’re tired of seeing the same dishes on your Paleo menu, check out the flavors in here. It’s the perfect resource for entertaining, but is equally scrumptious for a night at home with your significant other. Speaking of which, I’m making that grapefruit and avocado salad tonight…

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking5

The Mediterranean Diet is known for being heart and brain healthy, but it can also be Paleo. This delicious volume is packed with recipes that bring the best of these two diets together for nutritionally-packed and flavorful meals. Designed by two nutritionists and a chef, they’re tasty, healthy, and guilt-free. I get hungry just thinking about Nacera’s Lemon Ginger Chicken Tagine. Extra benefit? It comes loaded with recipe modifications to accommodate the autoimmune protocol, low-FODMAP, low-carb, SCD, GAPS, nut-free, and egg-free Paleo diets.

One-Pot Paleo: Simple to make, delicious to eat, and gluten-free to boot6

Irish Stew, Moorish Skewers, and Filipino Chicken BBQ make this one of the most varied Paleo recipe collections available. One-pot cooking makes it easy and mess free. I can’t give this book enough praise, but you’ll have to taste Jenny Castaneda’s recipes for yourself to see why.

Down South Paleo7

Southern cooking isn’t international to everyone, but it’s definitely a different flavor than most Paleo dishes. This collection by Jennifer Robins challenges what it means to cook Southern food. You’d think a cuisine rich in deep-fried foods and cheese-covered dishes would miss dairy and grains, but you’d be wrong. The South will never be the same (and that’s a good thing!).

Paleo French Cuisine8

There are two things that seem so wildly opposite they could never blend. French cooking and the Paleo diet. In a country where a child’s first words might include ‘baguette’, a grain-free diet isn’t a guaranteed hit. Chef Alain Braux performed a miracle, taking French cuisine and making it Paleo-friendly. If you’re looking for something truly special, check out the Grilled Zucchini Hummus.

Everyday Paleo: Thai cuisine9

If you love coconut milk, can’t get enough of a good chili pepper, and think a hint of lemongrass is the perfect addition to a good soup, Sarah Fragoso’s latest volume is the perfect addition to your recipe collection. Grain, gluten, legume, and dairy-free, there are more than 100 recipes in this cookbook. Sarah uses a little sugar and soy in the recipes, but she also walks you through how to make some of the base ingredients from scratch if you’re doing a Whole 30 so you can skip those two no-nos. Her cauliflower rice is yummy, and I can’t get enough of the Sweet and Sour Chicken and Coconut Soup.

Paleo Planet: Primal foods from the global kitchen10

Ok, this one isn’t out yet, but I wish it was. The sample recipe on Amazon for Becky Winkler’s new flavor-packed volume hit the spot. I’m a sucker for Korean food, and the Korean Beef with Cucumber & Shiitake Mushrooms made my taste buds dance. Good stuff….now if only November would get here faster, so I could add this one to the kitchen library!

Looking for more Paleo, whole foods, or Whole 30 recipes? Check out the article we ran earlier this year, and keep an eye on the blog for the occasional recipe post. If you know of any other international Paleo cookbooks that should be on this list, tell us in the comments on our Facebook page, or tweet them to us – we’re always looking for more delicious eats!












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