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​NEWS FLASH: Wise Choice Market Makes the Top 5 List at Natural Products Expo West 2015

Posted by Edna B. Wilson on

Touted as the world’s largest healthy products event, the 35 th annual Natural Products Expo West drew over 71, 000 members in the organic natural food industry. From March 4-8 th, over 2,500 companies set up shop at the expo 1 to showcase their products at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

Well known names in the industry, LivingMaxwell and FoodBabe – also known as Max Goldberg and Vani Hari, were there 2 to promote the event and share their choices for best exhibit and organic food products of the year.

The top five organic food products they chose included real bone broth, organic baby food, pasta sauces, rice pastas, and a variety of Mexican foods. They were chosen for their high quality and nutritional value as well as the way they are produced, packaged and in some cases, shipped.

First on the list is a California-based organic bone broth company, called Real Bone Broth. This broth is made in small batches from grass fed cows and is available online from Wise Choice Market. We can’t deny being a little thrilled about seeing Real Bone Broth on the list – they are the only line of bone broth we carry for a reason.

In second place is the healthy organic baby food produced by Little Spoon Organic, a company that uses HPP to preserve the baby food. Their products will be going nationwide this year. Third and fourth on the list are organic pasta sauces by Mama Jess and Bgreen Foods that makes organic rice pastas and nut products. Both companies sell at retailers nationwide and online.

Last on the list is Yumma Superfoods; already selling throughout Mexico they expect to distribute their superfood blends in the U.S. sometime this year.

If you’re looking for something new to try, these might be a good place to start. Better flavor and more nutrients make them a great choice for most families, and while we’re partial to the bone broth, the rest of that list has our taste buds dancing, too. 




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