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When Racism Hit close to Home

Posted by Didi Gorman on

A few weeks back I witnessed racism hit close to home. It was my most intimate encounter with this phenomenon thus far, and it didn’t leave me indifferent. I promised myself I will use my voice, as a writer, to raise awareness.

There had been an act of disapproval towards a friend of mine, on the account of his social background (and possibly skin color).

Although I wasn’t present when the gratuitous comment was made towards my friend, I did witness its effect when, a few days later, he shared the experience with us. He was down and deflated when he told us his story.

I wondered –given that rejection must have been his share throughout his adult life– whether he had developed some kind of immunity to it, but no. These things always hurt anew, he said.

It was quite a shock for me to realize that racism existed in our vicinity.

Now, let me tell you this: It’s one thing to hear about these things in the media, where it’s impersonal; it’s totally another to see a close friend taking a direct hit.

The marginalized are not always some ‘random anonymous strangers somewhere out there’. They may very well be right here, amongst us, suffering in silence; their struggle unnoticed.

Please, please, be kind.

By Didi Gorman