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The Power of Life and Friendship, and a Tomato!

Posted by Didi Gorman on

I’m pretty sure today’s title makes little sense.

It will all come together in a minute.

There’s a story worth telling behind the tomato in the picture. Here we go:

A few months back, just before the end of the school year, my 8-year-old came home from school one day, holding a teensy gardening pot.

Inside the pot there was…… well, nothing much. Just some soil.

Turned out, there was a tomato seed too, and the pot was a gift from her bestie - a token of their friendship. “You’re my BFF and I think you like tomatoes, so here, this is for you!” said her friend as she handed my daughter the little pot.

Awww. How sweet!

My daughter promised to take good care of the seed, and happily skipped all the way home with the little pot in her hands.

She placed it on the kitchen counter and watered it, and a few days later the seed sprouted.

If you’ve ever grown a tomato you probably know that tomato plants smell ‘tomato-ly’ from very early on (Is tomato-ly even a word? Perhaps I should say tomato-ie), so when a teensy leaf popped out of the seedling, we gently pinched it and instantly recognized the unmistakable fragrance of a tomato.

We transferred it into a larger pot in a sunny corner on our porch, and over the next few months watched it grow into the luscious tomato you see here (which we had for supper tonight, yummy! Our very own tomato straight from the porch!)

And that was the end of our story.

What can we learn from it?

  1. Seeds hold an amazing life force. In them is embedded the potential of a whole life. I’m in awe of Nature’s ingenuity.
  2. Tomatoes are super easy to grow. You don’t even need a garden for that. All you need is a pot with some soil, a sunny corner, and tomato seeds (to be found aplenty inside any existing tomato). Just toss an old tomato into a pot and let the magic begin!
  3. Friendship is priceless.
  4. A seed -especially given to us by a friend- is a precious gift. (By ‘precious’ I mean both the seedling and the friend.)

It was a joy watching my daughter caring for the little plant - hands in the dirt, splotches of soil on her dress and all. Would an onion kindle the same affection in her, or was it something unique to the tomato?

I wonder.

With these musings, I will wish you a wonderful weekend, full of juicy tomatoes and good friends,

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