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Super Fresh Veggie Platters in 5 Minutes

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Fresh vegetables are crunchy, crisp and juicy.

Great for any get-together or as a healthy snack for the family, they’re perfect candidates for a colorful platter placed as a centerpiece on the dining table.

As a side note, I’ve noticed that even people who’re not usually very big on veggies, tend to find veggie platters such as the ones you see in the pictures, appealing. It’s not unheard-of to see such a person grab a handful of veggies out of the platter… Just saying.

My hunch is that the exquisite fragrance of freshly-cut vegetables, combined with the colors and with the fact that the veggies are readily-available and are bite-size, greatly add to the charm. I personally find such platters irresistible.

As for a dip: in our family we often use salsa or hummus spread, or we make a dip based on plain yogurt, into which we mix a splash extra-virgin olive oil, a splash high-quality apple cider vinegar, salt, and ground pepper. The result resembles something along the lines of ranch or Caesar dressings.

There’s no recipe today. All you need to do is cut up fresh veggies to your liking, place them on a platter, and enjoy.

I will take this opportunity to wish you a lovely weekend, brimming with crunchy carrots, crispy cucumbers, and juicy tomatoes!

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