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Simple Banana Ice Cream (or Pudding) with No Added Sugar

Posted by Didi Gorman on

The combination of banana and cream is so simple, yet so rich and exquisite, it’s by far one of my favorite combos.

I blend a ripe banana with cream and a small splash of freshly squeezed lemon, and voilà.

Now the big question. Is this an ice cream or a pudding? (And some would even go as far as saying this is a potential smoothie)

And I say yes and yes. The only difference is whether the mixture is frozen or not. Both are great. As for smoothie, I would swap the cream for milk and skip the lemon.

Whichever way we go with it, this treat is sweetened by the banana alone. No need to add any sugar.

Unlike most factory-made ice creams, this one retains an aliveness which I’ve rarely encountered in store-bought desserts.

Sweetened by: banana

Special equipment: stick blender/blender, freezer-friendly bowl

Preps: 5 minutes (freeze time: 3 hours)
Serves: 5

You will need:
4 very ripe bananas, peeled and broken into small chunks
2 cups whipping cream
A few small splashes squeezed lemon (no seeds)

How to make it:
Blend the bananas, whipping cream, and lemon till smooth.

  • For pudding: Serve now or refrigerate. 
  • For ice cream: Freeze in a freezer-friendly bowl for about 3 hours. Take out of the freezer 30 minutes before serving.

It’s perfectly normal for the top layer to go slightly brown-ish.

Dairy-free: Replace dairy with a non-dairy substitute. Difference in flavor and texture to be expected.

Time to dig in, and I will take this opportunity to wish you a lovely weekend,

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