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What are the benefits of real bone broth?

Bone brothTraditional bone broth has many health benefits over any “broth” or “stock” found in a store. It is the delicious nutrient dense liquid that is the result of simmering bones gently for many hours.

Unlike commercially prepared ‘broth’ which relies on harsh cooking methods and questionable additives, traditional bone broth, otherwise known as stock, retains all the benefits of unhurried cooking and natural ingredients and withstands the test of time with unhurried cooking and natural ingredients.

Due to the advent of processed foods and lack of time for traditional cooking in our modern society, bone broth has fallen out of favor in many households. However, bone broth has a long and rich history of culinary and medicinal uses and health benefits.

Here are a few historical reasons why bone broth is good for you:

Jewish Penicillin: Chicken soup, traditionally made from the bones and cartilage-rich parts of chicken, has been known to help with symptoms of colds and the flu. According to Dr. Stephen Rennard, a specialist in pulmonary medicine, there are proven anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce your sore throat and cold symptoms.

Chinese Medicine: Practitioners of Chinese medicine have used bone broth to support the digestive system, as a blood builder and to strengthen the kidneys. The marrow of bones is considered to nourish and sustainjing, meaning “the reservoir from which we draw energetic sustenance during our entire lives”.

Victorian Era: The gelatin in bone broth was popularized during this era as an ingredient to make gelatin desserts. It was sold in sheets, had to be purified and was quite time consuming. In 1845 the industrialist Peter Cooper obtained a US patent for powdered gelatin.

12th Century: An even earlier mention of the medicinal use of chicken soup (bone broth) was the 12th century Egyptian physician Moses Miamonides. He prescribed it as a remedy for colds and asthma.

Ancient History: Probably the oldest traces of gelatin were found in a Pharaoh’s grave, apparently used as a type of glue. Ancient banquets in this same era also enjoyed the culinary use of gelatin in the form of savory aspic.

Bone broth as medicine

With something this deeply steeped in tradition and history – and long before they knew the actual properties of bone broth – there must be something to it.  

Beef bonesWe now know that ‘like supports like’ - meaning that the healthful benefits of bone broth come from the many important elements in bones. A few of these are: electrolyte minerals, amino acids, bone marrow, gelatin and collagen from cartilage-rich bones.

This nourishing traditional food is very easy to digest and is soothing to the gut. Many people notice therapeutic effects from consuming gelatin rich bone broth daily, including for example, support for bones, joints and muscles, and improvement in their general well-being.

Bone broth as food

Auguste Escoffier, the legendary French chef of the late 1800s, had this to say about stock: “Indeed, stock is everything in cooking . . . without it nothing can be done.”

Professional and gourmet cuisines rely on quality bone broth. The richness and depth of flavor that is used in soups, stews, gravies and sauces is unparalleled. And that alone is enough reason to include it in your cooking!

Real bone broth doesn’t come from a can or a carton!

Although you may find many brands of canned ‘broth’ or boxed cartons of ‘broth’ on the grocery store shelves, they fall pathetically short of real traditional bone broth (if bones were even used).

'Organic' usually means grain fed and not grass fed.  Conventional factory farm beef cattle are fed an unnatural diet that may include stale pastry and candy!  Bones from those animals are not the same as nutrient dense bones from healthy grass fed animals. Commercially produced broth may also contain MSG, beef or chicken flavorings, yeast extracts and other additives.

High temperature cooking, and for too short a time, results in watered down, non-gelling liquid. Then in order to make it shelf stable for many months, it is usually aseptic processed, which flash-heats the broth in its boxed carton up to 295° making it virtually sterile. No wonder these ‘broths’ lack the flavor, aroma and nutrient density of traditionally prepared bone broth!

Bone broth in potGood news!

The good news is that you can now get real organic bone broth here in our online store - and we'll deliver it frozen right to your door. 

Our delicious, health-giving bone broths are made from free-range chicken bones and grass fed beef, and are simmered gently for 24 hours using time-honored methods. The ingredients are meticulously chosen, paying special attention to organic, free range, local, and sustainable sources.

This dedication to quality shows through in every batch of our traditionally-made real bone broth.
Try some today!

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