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On snow and ice and guardian angels

Posted by Didi Gorman on

The car was skidding out of control.

We were approaching the intersection, gaining pace down the icy road.

I hit the brakes but to no avail.

I was frightened, but I didn’t want to scare the kids sitting at the back. They noticed something was wrong when we zoomed right past a stop sign and into the intersection.

I need to stop the car somehow before we hit the main street, I thought to myself, knowing all too well we were extremely lucky no one came from any other direction into the intersection we’d just passed.

I then noticed the thick snow bank at the curb of the road. Apparently, the snow removal truck was late that day.

Clutching the steering wheel with all my might, I steered the car into the pile of snow, and prayed.

There was a horrid ‘whooshhhh’ as the snow splashed everywhere and the car tilted at an awkward angle, but then it finally, finally stopped. Thank goodness.

I was shaking violently when I opened the door.

The kids at the back were surprised at mommy’s “rollercoaster” driving style, but otherwise oblivious to the drama that had just transpired.

I was immensely relieved no one was hurt, and profoundly grateful the snow pile was there and was soft enough to absorb the impact and spare us a whip-lash and any other calamity.

If there was a guardian angel watching over us that day, they did a good job. My prayer was indeed answered. We were safe.

By Didi Gorman