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Mother’s Day Best Gift

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Mother’s day just passed, and I’m sure all the mothers out there received the most lovely cards and gifts and kisses.

Some of us probably woke up to a homemade breakfast made by our beloved offspring, and some were treated to an awesome brunch.

Many a selfie were taken with our children, I have no doubt.

Me too, I was honored with a ‘surprise breakfast’, lovingly prepared by my kids who know me only too well, and served me a gorgeous fried egg on a sourdough toast, paired with an Instagram-worthy homemade lemonade, decorated with sliced fresh strawberries. What a delight!

And now, dear reader, a spoiler alert: The following paragraph may be brimming with clichés, but I just have to share it, as this is the reason for this post.

I looked at my children and felt blessed to the core of my being. It’s their presence, their health, their happiness – my true Mother’s day gifts.

With that, I’ll wish you a wonderful weekend, full of blessings and family time,

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