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Look who Came to Visit!

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Look who came to visit us this morning!

This Bambi was roaming in our backyard all by himself (herself?); no mommy, siblings, or any other deer around – at least none that I could see.

Also, Bambi was limping.

After nibbling on our cedar hedge and graciously posing for this picture, it turned around and limped into the neighbors’ garden to munch on their outdoor Christmas tree.

I never tire of this magical winter scene, with the fluffy snow gently falling, and a graceful, almost mythological creature trotting into our yard from the woods behind the house.

Now, if it wasn’t for the fact that the deer was injured, this post would have been dedicated in its entirety to the beauty of this serene Nordic scenery. But as reality would have it, our snapshot carries with it the notion of vulnerability.

Let this post be about healing too, then. I sure hope Bambi reunites with its family and heals very soon.

By Didi Gorman