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Fruit Platter instead of Birthday Cake – a Family Tradition

Posted by Didi Gorman on

A few years ago we switched to fruit platters instead of cake and candy at our family’s birthday parties. And it worked!

It was a question of installing healthy habits and by now has become a tradition. We were never big on cake and candy to start with, so the switch to fruit felt fairly natural to us.

That tradition, by the way, began in my childhood. The fruit-lover that I had always been, my parents would make me a huge bowl of fruit salad which would delight me –and everybody else– no end. The tradition stuck and is now proudly bequeathed to the next generation.

The platter in the picture was prepared by the birthday girl herself (a.k.a our youngest daughter who just turned 10) with a bit of help with peeling the clementines’ skin.

Her comment that “the fruit is so beautiful in this bowl and because it’s so beautiful, it’s extra tasty,” is what really inspired this post. I have long discussed the importance of positive exposure, the power of presentation, and the appeal of fruit platters over simply serving fruit as-is. The difference, this time, is that this wisdom came from the mouth of a 10-year-old.

The fruit must be ripe, pretty, and appealing for this to be a success, and you’d better know which fruit the birthday person likes, or, better yet, buy (or pick) the fruit WITH them and prepare the platter together. (This is what we did.)

Mostly, it’s about realizing that “having fun” at a birthday party is not necessarily conditioned on having a cake/candy. There are many, many other ways to have fun. Our fruit platter is only one example.

Now, if you’re not sure it would work with friends, keep such platters for birthday parties within the immediate family. Or serve both cake AND fruit. It’s doable and tried-and-true.

If you want this to become a tradition, start by serving fruit on different occasions. You’ll find that it’s largely a question of habit, and an exquisite one at that!

Wishing you a happy birthday and a cozy weekend,

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