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Fresh Fruit Anyone? Easy Homemade Fruit Treats from Scratch

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Book Review

Fresh fruit is a living, wholesome food.

It’s juicy, naturally sweet, and vibrant with flavors and vitamins. It’s a gift from Nature.

It was with that thought in mind that I’ve written the book Fresh Fruit Anyone? Easy Homemade Fruit Treats from Scratch, with over 30 easy fruit recipes to make from scratch at home.

I wanted to show that turning fresh fruit into real treats was simple, doable and affordable, and that fresh fruit is an exquisite alternative to highly-processed, factory-made desserts.

What will you find in Fresh Fruit Anyone? Easy Homemade Fruit Treats from Scratch?

Fruit-based snacks and desserts, orange-strawberry popsicles, unique lemonades and smoothies, berry slushies, banana ice creams, mango porcupines, peach jelloes, apple compotes, pear and berry jams, awesome no-bowl fruit salads, and much more.

There is no added sugar in any of the recipes, and there’s no need for cooking experience, either. The recipes are really simple.

I’ve also included useful tips and a few musings on the subject of fresh fruit.

A word about the pictures:
I have taken all the pictures in the book myself. That’s because I wanted to show exactly how the recipes should look like. You know, in real life, by real people, not in a studio.

If you’re looking for ways to introduce more fresh fruit into your daily diet, you’re in the right place.

The book is a celebration of this unique, unprocessed and versatile staple, and is a true fruitilicious feast!

I invite you to explore, enjoy, dig in, and be inspired by Fresh Fruit Anyone? Easy Homemade Fruit Treats from Scratch.

Have fun!

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