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  • Fermented Carrots - Organic and Unpasteurized
  • Fermented Carrots - Organic and Unpasteurized
  • Fermented Carrots - Organic and Unpasteurized
  • Fermented Carrots - Organic and Unpasteurized
  • Raw Cultured Grated Carrots - Nutritional Information
  • Fermented foods are healthy and delicious, and easy to serve

Fermented Carrots - Grated

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Frozen, with dry ice (continental USA only)

Product Description

Caldwell's Organic Raw Cultured Grated Carrots


Free Guide: Getting Started With Fermented Foods

Our grated fermented carrots are a stunning example of how simple can mean simply delicious!  Terrific solo, combined with olive oil and fresh garlic, or mixed into a salad. Try some of these delicious recipe ideas for serving cultured veggies!

Watch our video to see how and where Caldwell's fermented vegetables are made, following Weston A. Price guidelines. Read about the history of fermented foods and the health benefits of cultured vegetables.

Nutrition FactsEach vacuum pack contains 7 oz.

Why not save by ordering in bulk - share with friends and family, and store extra quantities in your freezer!

Don't forget to add a jar of our special organic garlic flowers - and a box of Caldwell's unique starter culture to help you make your own delicious cultured veggies at home.

Fermented Carrots - Grated Ingredients:
Carrots, green cabbage, spring water, sea salt, lactic starter. All vegetables, herbs, and spices used in Caldwell's products are certified organic.

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Shipped to you:
Frozen, with dry ice (continental USA only)

Nutrition Facts

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Other Details

Unique BPA-free vacuum packaging ensures that the products are well preserved, and helps to reduce storage space.
The products can be stored chilled or frozen. The presence of lactic acid ensures that all the original color, flavor, crunchy texture, and numerous health benefits are retained during freezing and thawing.

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Product Videos

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