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What do you have for Breakfast?

Posted by Didi Gorman on

“What do you have for breakfast?”

I’ve spent the past few weeks presenting this question to just about anyone I could think of, and while I listened to the answers I learned so much!

For example, I learned that many ‘early birds’ often take a homemade breakfast with them to work, rather than stop on the way for a quick doughnut.

Also, a number of children responded that if only given the choice, they would have loved to try a savory breakfast instead of cereals which don’t really fill you up.

Mostly, I realized that my premise -that most children have cereals and most grown-ups a doughnut or muffin- is wrong.

Below is a list of the various breakfasts I was told about. My survey included participants of different ages (including very young), in different countries and from different cultures. The breakfasts were eaten either at home before work, on the way to work (at a food chain, drive-thru, or on the train), or at work (or school).

Some of the meals were homemade and taken to work in a lunch box and some store-bought.

In short, so many different breakfasts!

I will take this opportunity to thank friends, relatives, and readers who’ve graciously shared with us a glimpse into their first meal of the day.

I’m sharing the info the way it was given to me, without attaching any health claim to any of the items, and without telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t eat or what’s nutritious in my opinion and what’s not.

My point is to show that there is a variety of breakfasts out there, and that it’s up to us what we choose to put in our mouth (and in our children’s mouths).

In no particular order, here we go:

  • Tuna sandwich / egg sandwich / avocado sandwich
  • Organic sourdough toast with organic butter, organic fried egg + coffee
  • Grapefruit, apple or banana with a glass of milk
  • Plain bagel or bread with organic butter and raw honey or cream cheese + a glass of whole organic milk
  • Coffee / tea
  • Fried egg and bacon + tea
  • Baked potato or potato fritter and sausage
  • Toast made from organic whole-grain bread with organic salted butter
  • Fruit smoothie or yogurt with fruits and nuts
  • Breakfast cereals
  • A cup of bone broth
  • Muffin/doughnut/cookies/pop tart/granola bar + juice
  • Smoked salmon, avocado, omelette, feta cheese + green tea
  • Homemade French toast or homemade pancakes with homemade hot chocolate, sweetened with real maple syrup
  • Cooked veggies with couscous or a rich tomato and rice soup
  • Rice pudding with dry fruits and nuts

Eye opening, isn’t it? Are you finding yourself in this list?

And where am I in all this?

I’m the one with the sourdough toast and organic fried egg. It’s homemade, and I eat it at home just before work. I’ve been eating this kind of breakfast for years and years now, and it keeps me happy, satisfied and ready for work, with the right fuel (for me) right until lunch, no need for a mid-morning snack and no craving for any sweet pastry.

Before I let you go, a little food for thought: Could it be that our sense of well-being has to do with what we DON’T eat, just as much as with what we do?

With that thought in mind, I will wish you a wonderful weekend and go enjoy your breakfast!

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This article represents its author’s opinion, and is not a medical, nutritional, or professional advice.