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Musings about the Selfie Stick

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Since the dawn of the smartphone’s double-sided camera, humans have been faced with an unfortunate affliction when taking selfies.

No matter how amazing the smile or gorgeous the nose, many a selfie will attest to the fact that we’re a crossed-eyed species.

But the defect – studies now show- lies not with our eyes but with our arms, which, alas, have been created a few inches too short for the task of a decent, non-squint selfie-taking.

How else can we share the beauty of our stare with the rest of humanity, as we gaze dreamily into the horizon? What remedy is there for countless dislocated shoulders as we stretch our arms away from our faces, smartphones clasped in our fists, attempting to click the painfully unreachable camera button?

So close, yet so far!

Enter the selfie stick! And with it, the end to our misfortunes.

Friends, there’s nothing to stop us now. Armed with a selfie stick, our ultimate selfie is only a click away. Ha!

Let’s get into that pose, turn our heads slightly sideways, stretch that awesome stick and…. CLICK!

By Didi Gorman