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Let’s Take it in Proportion

Posted by Didi Gorman on

See this face?

This is how I look when I’m mad.

Really mad.

Extra-super-duper mad like a few weeks ago when a book I had ordered online never arrived and the store admitted they had accidently sent it to the wrong address.

Oh, boy.

As expected at this point in our story, I was totally going to give them a piece of my mind!

But when I called customer service and the lady apologized profusely (although she was not the one who had sent my parcel to who-knows-where), it suddenly hit me.

I can choose how to react.

It’s entirely up to me. 

I can cling to my anger and take it all out on her. After all, they made a mistake and they should pay for it. Right?

Or I let go of my anger and remember this was an innocent mistake.

I opted for the latter.

It doesn’t make it ok, but I know no one was trying to deliberately make my life difficult by sending my book to another destination. Human error. We’re all prone to that. I’m not immune either. I will demand a refund but there’s no need to be mean.

There was a short pause on the line and I could tell she was bracing herself. But I was not going to yell at her. What would it have given me to make her day miserable?

Our story ends here, but I still owe you an explanation as to why I titled this post “Let’s take it in proportion” and not “Let’s choose how to react”

For that we need to rewind to the night before.

That night I had received two pieces of news that totally shook me up. One was that someone I had known for a long time had just died after battling terminal cancer for several months, at the young age of 40.

The other was that a friend of mine had just given birth to a stillborn baby.

This is where the concept of ‘taking things in proportion’ comes in. How can I even compare the frustration the lost parcel has caused me to all this?

There was enough sadness that day already. I therefore chose not to spread any more negativity. I chose to be kind.

With this, I will wish you a great weekend, filled with only good things,

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