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I’m Going Viral on Social Media!

Posted by Didi Gorman on

By Didi Gorman 

Didi Gorman, Wise Choice Market's blog writer

I’m going viral on social media! I’m going viral on social media!

Oh, wait. No, I’m actually not.

But I sure would have loved to go viral! (Just to be clear, by ‘viral’ I’m referring to Facebook popularity, not to a literal virus infection, yes?)


Imagine posting something on Facebook, and within only a few hours, hundreds– no, thousands of likes and comments swarm your page! How nice and validating that must feel!

Not that I would know, though.

For every article I post on Facebook, I get about three likes, if I’m lucky, that is, and mostly from my mom, Uncle Ed, and Auntie Beth. (Though to be totally honest, I don’t think Auntie Beth even bothers with my Facebook posts. I think she’s never quite got the hang of how Facebook works, so it’s probably Uncle Ed who logs in twice: once through his own account and then from Auntie Beth’s – bless them both.)

I’ve recently chatted with a fellow blog writer who claims to get over a thousand ‘likes’ for every article he shares from his blog to his Facebook page.

I nearly choked on my own saliva when I heard that, and let me tell you that saliva induced by envy tastes particularly sour.

I mean, over a thousand likes! Every time! This is insane! Clearly, the dude is a king when it comes to social media.

Then he kindly asked me to reveal how many likes I usually get on my Facebook posts. He wanted to compare.

I swallowed.

“Three,” I said timidly, lowering my gaze to the floor.

“Three as in ‘three thousand’???” he cried out, “That’s triple what I have!” His shock was evident.

“No, not three thousand,” I corrected, my voice almost a whisper, “Three. Only three.”

I couldn’t bring myself to look into his face which, I could only imagine, was smug and triumphant now. I braced myself for some kind of a sneer. But instead, to my surprise, he admitted to having inflated his figures slightly (by one thousand roughly). He’d just wanted to gauge my reaction, he said. What’s a little teasing between two old friends?

Right. Well, at least I wouldn’t need to seek psychological therapy for inferiority complex, after all. Yay.

Still, if there’s a magic formula to conquering social media, I would very much like to find it. I’m not willing to give up on my dream of going viral and bathing in accolades!

A-ha! I think I found it! With a little help from my fans (noticed how I called them ‘fans’, all three of them?), I might just be able to pull this one off.

So, mom, Uncle Ed, and Auntie Beth, this message is aimed at you: If you happen to read this article on my Facebook page, please hit that thumbs-up button. I will pay you a dollar each when I see you on Friday for dinner, I promise!