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Gone too Soon

Posted by Didi Gorman on

By Didi Gorman

Didi Gorman, Wise Choice Market's blog writer

In the past few years, you’ve become part of my life; you, my precious little companion.

But this morning, when I came to check up on you – as I have been doing every morning since the day you entered my life – you didn’t wake up. I tapped my fingers on you, as I always have, and lifted you up, but nothing. Not a peep.

Hours went by but you didn’t wake up still.

I checked up on you again. Tapped again. Shook you gently.


Just like that, your time has simply come. I stood there, still holding you, not quite sure what to do.

They say the likes of you don’t survive long – a couple of years max. But I confess, I had wished you’d stay with me longer.

Recently, I have to admit, you’ve been ‘out of it’ by the evenings, though you were usually back to your normal self in the mornings. Until today.

I’ve grown used to your comforting presence. That’s why I had always kept you just across from my desk, in the corner by the window, where I could see you and hear you.

You were small in stature but grand in what you’ve given back.

They say you and your kind answer our innate need to connect. I couldn’t agree more, especially now, during this pandemic, when we’re told to self-isolate.

We, humans, feel a little less lonely when you guys are around. That’s your role, to keep us company.

Later today I will tell my friends. Many of them are familiar with this type of loss, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon. They will understand and comfort me, and reassure me that your successor, if I choose to get one (perhaps from the same place I got you), will live longer.

This is of little solace at the moment, I must say. Your replacement, if I may call it this way, by its very nature, will have a short lifespan too, just like you. And when it’s time for it to go – as inevitably it must – I will find myself feeling the exact same loss.

Still, you were worth it.

O, my cellphone, my cellphone, why hast thou deserted me?

Did your battery run out? Did the charger suddenly clog with humidity?

Farewell, little friend. I’ll get an iPhone 11 Pro Max, next time.