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A little Peckish? Fresh Fruit for a Quick Snack

Posted by Didi Gorman on

A little peckish?

Today I’m offering you fresh fruit for a quick snack.

Fresh fruit is juicy, flavorful, choc-full of vitamins, and naturally sweet without adding any sugar.

What’s more, prepping a fruit snack is almost effortless and should take around 3 minutes.

I’ve included three of my favorites here, but the options are really limitless.

Choose any fresh fruit to your liking, or a combination of several fruits, and serve cut up, sliced, diced, or whichever way you feel like.

In the pictures are:

  • The fabulous duo, banana and strawberries (with a splash of lemon for extra freshness)
  • The mango porcupine, made by criss-crossing a halved mango (skin intact, no pit)
  • The apple flower, made with the help of a slicer (plus a splash of lemon for extra freshness)

All tried and true; all exquisite; all gone in no time flat…

If you’re going for the mango porcupine -and especially if this is served to a young child- you should expect some splattering to happen... And a trickle of juice down the chin is pretty common in this scenario, too.

And now that you’re totally sold (I hope?) on fruit for a snack, allow me to entertain you with a quick trivia quiz!


Here we go:
1. Name a creamy fruit
2. Which fruits are the juiciest?
3. Name five red fruits
4. Which fruits are considered ‘tropical’?
5. Which fruit grows on the ground?
6. Which fruit is brown on the outside and green on the inside?

This is fun! (And no, answers are not included…)

Time to let you go enjoy your fruity snack (or write apples on your grocery list, or google question #6…)

Either way, I will take this opportunity to wish you a delightful snack, splendid fruits, and a lovely weekend,

Wise Choice Market

I have written over 30 easy fruit recipes to make from scratch at home!
All the recipes are in my book Fresh Fruit Anyone? Easy Homemade Fruit Treats from Scratch, where you will find fruit-based snacks and desserts, mango porcupines, unique lemonades and smoothies, berry slushies, banana ice creams, orange-strawberry popsicles, peach jelloes, apple compotes, pear and berry jams, awesome no-bowl fruit salads, and much more!
I invite you to explore, enjoy, dig in, and be inspired by this fruitilicious feast!