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Take One Leave One

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Have you heard of the take one leave one initiative?

Also called Take a book, Leave a book, this is a non-profit campaign promoting the love of reading through the circulation of free books within the community.

The goal?

To enhance literacy and knowledge.

So how does it work?

Little cabinets (such as the one in the picture) are placed around town, where anyone is welcome to deposit their used books.

Anybody is welcome to take any of the books and return them whenever they wish.

In other words, free books by anybody to everybody.

We have three such book chests in our little town: one right beside the town hall (in the picture), another in the community center, and a third one at the pharmacy.

The other day I popped downtown with the kiddos and -wow- what gems did we find there!

I found a book about life in medieval Europe and another one about food myths (which I’m sure will make it into a future post…) The kiddos took a comic book, a riddle book, and a trivia book.

The best part was watching them read. Just like in the good old days, the simple joy of reading a book. It was quiet and peaceful, and nobody wanted a screen, and no one was bored, which gave me the time to… …write this post! (My book will have to wait for bed time. I find it so relaxing to read before I go to sleep!)

Our local school is now launching a book fair, where kids are invited to exchange used books with other kids, and our library offers a variety of reading activities for families. All free. A lot of reading going on around here. I love that.

As for you, dear reader, you’ve just read this post, which will definitely count as quality reading time!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and happy reading,

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