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Rummage Sale for the Environment

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Let’s do a rummage sale!

Seriously, let’s get rid of stuff!

You know that great feeling when you give away clothes or books you don’t need anymore, and they delight somebody else?

Our post today is about giving our used items a second life, with a new owner, which fits perfectly with the environmental principles of reduce & reuse.

I’m talking about a rummage sale.

Any size of rummage sale. From a mini rummage sale for the immediate family, done in the living room at five minutes notice, and up to a mega event for the whole community.

Whichever way we go with it, this is about giving away things we don’t use anymore, with the intent that somebody else would take them and enjoy them.

A mini rummage sale can take the form of a fun get-together, within the immediate family, where all participants are asked to search their rooms for any books, games, toys, clothes, and other thingamabobs we don’t use anymore, and pile all those goodies in the living room.

Everybody will then get a chance to rummage through the pile for any treasure they wish to take.

In this format there’s no money involved. It’s more of a fun exchange. There shouldn’t necessarily be a correlation between how many items a person brought and how many they're entitled to take. Remember the goal? To hand-me-down as much as possible to other people. Kind of a clean-up, really.

Moving on to large scale rummage sales.

These require a bit more planning, and may be done within the extended family / a group of friends / neighbors / class mates / school / youth club / the entire community.

It could take the form of a fundraiser or a fun get-together.

A spacious garage / a yard / a community center

Any season. If the weather is an issue and the event is outdoors, a shelter would be needed.

Each participant will bring any items they don't use anymore (at a reasonable state): toys, books, games, clothes, footwear, kitchen articles, camping stuff, etc.

If this is a fundraiser

  • We can charge a symbolic fee for participation (say, a dollar per person, a quarter per person, whatever) and then each participant can take as many items as they want.
  • Or we price the items, like any other yard sale.
  • Or we put a donation box nearby, and each participant will donate as they please.

If this is a fun get-together:
We don't need to charge anything. Let the participants enjoy exploring and exchanging as they wish. A donation box for a noble cause may still be put nearby, if suitable.

What do we do with leftover items?
We donate them locally.

I love the concept of second-hand economy. Its holistic values of being kind to the environment through reusing old items and reducing waste while reaching out to other people, are truly marvelous.

I hope I’ve sparked a few ideas today.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

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