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5-minute Super Fresh Cuke Salad

Posted by Didi Gorman on


You’re looking at the most amazing cukes I’ve ever tasted!

I got them at the organic food fair last Saturday.

Grown by a small organic farm not far from here, they had just been harvested that morning.

Wow. That’s the real thing. That’s how cucumbers should taste.

I found them at the supermarket too, but at the food fair they were literally half price, probably because we bought them directly from the farmer.

I say, slice these awesome cukes into rings and watch the kiddos gorge them in no time flat!

I never thought I’d use the words ‘binge’ and ‘cucumbers’ in one sentence, but kudos to the farmer who made it possible!

Let’s binge on a fresh cuke salad!

Preps: 5 minutes
Serves: 3-4

You will need:
1 large firm cucumber or 5-6 small firm cucumbers, sliced
A few sprigs fresh dill, finely chopped
A splash high quality vinegar
A splash extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
A few squeezes fresh lemon

How to make it:
Combine all ingredients in a bowl, season to taste, mix, and serve.

To turn it into a Greek Tzatziki, add garlic, fresh mint, and a generous glug of plain Greek yogurt or plain kefir.

Crunch…. crunch…. crunch…. the sound of bliss…

Enough talking. Go enjoy this lovely freshiliciousness,

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