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Are you in Scouts?

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Are you in Scouts?

If not - keep reading. The Scouts are onto something we should all know!

If yes - that’s great! This post was written with you in mind.

But first thing’s first.

For full disclosure, I’m a volunteer with Scouts myself, and this post is a shout-out to the thousands of Scout volunteers all across the country, who graciously donate their time and energy to teaching our youth values that will shape them into caring and responsible future citizens.

For clarity purposes, I’ll be using the term Scouts to include both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as well as any other youth movement with similar values.

And after this intro, let’s dive in!

If we asked a Scout (or a volunteer) why they’re in Scouts, they’d probably say something like:

-“Because it’s fun!”
-“Because I love camping and sleeping in tents!”
-“Because we build cool things and make fire!”
-“Because I try things I’ve never tried before”
-“Because I love going outside and spending time with my friends”

Answers will vary depending on age and personality, but the recurring themes are -

  • Adventure
  • Friendship
  • Sense of belonging
  • Love of nature
  • Exploring new skills
  • Caring for others
  • Creating things

Before moving on, please look at this list again. Can you see a guiding principle?

If you’re thinking: “Hey, these concepts are timeless, universal, and fundamental to the human spirit!” – Well, bingo!

I would also argue that these same principles are the building blocks of our well-being, and are at the heart of any flourishing society. But I’m digressing.

My point?

Scouting is based on these values. It takes us outdoors and re-connects us with our community and friends, thus providing meaningful experiences to its participants.

In a time where most children (and many adults) spend hours staring inactively at a screen, often watching meaningless content or ‘learning’ twisted ideas through social media about what matters, Scouting reminds us that life has so much more to offer if we only went outside and connected with one another. It teaches us important life skills, offers healthy activities, and restores a much needed balance.

The picture I chose for this article epitomizes what the Scouting experience is to me. I took it during our last summer camp. Our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and leaders were having a blast kayaking on the lake. The adventure, sense of togetherness, the sheer beauty of nature around us, and the accomplishment of a successful paddling endeavor – all combined into a memorable experience, to be cherished for a long time.

In a world where the environment is at risk and social interaction happens more and more on a screen rather than in real life, Scouting reminds us there’s another way, that nature is precious, and that meaningful friendships -the ones that happen face to face- are priceless.

Keep up your awesome work, Scouts!

Wishing you a lovely weekend full of fun and adventure,

Yours in Scouting,

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