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An Ode to Lake Lovering

Posted by Didi Gorman on

The first time I went to Lake Lovering was for my son’s Scout camp at the Lake Lovering Scout Reserve, in the fall of 2013.

Surrounded by the woods, the campsite was completely hidden from the main road. One would have never expected anything else there but forest, let alone a lake. Imagine my reaction then, when the little dirt road leading to the site curved in between the trees, up a slope, and then suddenly opened to a vast lawn boasting a panoramic view of the lake. I was wowed.

And so this born-and-bred city girl found herself gaping at Nature’s beauty. Once I recovered from the intense gaping I did the obvious – that is, I reached for my cell phone and went on a photo shooting spree till my phone ran out of battery.

Never mind my son and his friends were trying to set up tents for the night and I might have been in the way, I just walked around, taking in the mesmerizing view: the sky reflecting in the water, the hills on the other side, the occasional loon, a watercraft in the distance sending soft ripples in its path, the trees turning color all around the shores. An artistic soul would have been inspired to eternalize this beauty with a painting or a poem.

And I’m sure those of you who are familiar with the place can relate to my enthusiasm, and are now nodding with agreement.

Since that day I’ve been to Lake Lovering on many occasions and it’s breathtaking every time, regardless of the season or the time of day.

The outcome of my visits is always the same: my cell phone struggles to keep up with the intensity of my clicking on the picture button, usually responding by warning me of low memory or imminent shutdown or other potential calamities. If I need to upgrade my phone to a stronger model anytime soon, I blame Lake Lovering for that.

One last point, but an important one: let’s not forget about the name of the place. The name, the name! It adds a romantic touch, don’t you think? Oh, Lovering!

By Didi Gorman