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It’s easy to make your own sourdough

Bread has been a staple for many cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. In fact bread, just like many other cultural foods, is often identified by the location of its origins. Stories may be passed down from generation to generation. This is just the case with sourdough.

MinersThe Gold Rush

The year was 1849. The place was San Francisco. The event, as we all know, was the gold rush. But that’s not all San Francisco was famed for during that time.

San Francisco Sourdough

A form of friendly bacteria, along with a strain of wild yeast, only found in the San Francisco area, turned a lump of dough into mouth-watering sourdough bread! This bacteria even earned itself a name, lactobacillus sanfrancisco.

Gold in ‘them thar hills’ wasn’t the only thing that the gold miners prized. It is said that they also carried a crock of this special sourdough starter with them. Sourdough flapjacks anyone?

Desem Sourdough

A Dutch word for leaven, Desem is a sourdough starter with origins in Belgium. The ‘desem’ bread was traditionally used to make nutrient rich bread with a slightly sour taste. Whereas most all other sourdoughs are made with white flour, desem sourdough is whole wheat flour friendly.

Gluten Free Sourdough . . . Really?

Some people have an allergy or sensitivity to the gluten in wheat. People who suffer from Celiac Disease find that wheat makes them quite ill. For those on a gluten free diet, gone are the days of eating wheat based foods, including their beloved bread. Most of the gluten free breads on the grocery store shelf are made with inferior ingredients and they lack in taste.

At last you can make your own delicious sourdough bread, crackers and pastry

Basic sourdough bread

Whether you choose the traditional San Francisco Sourdough Starter, Desem (Whole Wheat) Sourdough Starter or the non-gluten based Brown Rice Sourdough Starter, the aroma of bread baking in your home will be a pure delight.

Just select your Sourdough Starter, follow the instructions, and enjoy that lovely rich taste of wholesome bread fresh from the oven and spread with butter.

Sourdough crackers


And why not try our great recipe for bacon, rosemary, and cracked peppercorn sourdough crackers.


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