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Healthy Soups

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Made with real bone broth

These delicious soups deliver superb flavors and outstanding nutrition, using only the highest quality ingredients, without compromise.

Our friends at Real Bone Broth source the finest organic vegetables and herbs and pair them with their own real organic bone broths to create a range of delicious, nourishing, and deeply satisfying recipes.

The foundation of each soup is real bone broth, simmered for 24 or 48 hours and loaded with minerals, gelatin and nutrients for health. All the vegetables, herbs and spices are fresh and organic. No powders or concentrates here!

The soups are seasoned with unrefined Selina Naturally® Celtic sea salt, which provides more than 80 trace minerals.

Soups are the ultimate comfort foods, and these chef-quality offerings from Real Bone Broth really hit the spot. Any season of the year is the perfect time to warm the body and soul with a hearty soup!

I love the soups!

-Jaclyn Goldis, Chicago, IL.

I enjoy eating the soups everyday. I love the French Onion and Roasted Tomato soups, which are my favorites! It's nice to have a healthy and easy meal.

-Linda Raplee, Middle Island, NY