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Composition of Water Kefir Grains: Bacteria and Yeasts

Water Kefir Grains are a combination of live bacteria and yeasts which exist in a symbiotic matrix. While a highly complex and variable community of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts can be found in kefir grains, this is a list of the specific set of active bacteria and yeast generally known to comprise Water Kefir Grains:*


Species Lactobacillus
L. acidophilus
L. alactosus
L. brevis
L. bulgaricus
L. casei subsp. casei
L. casei subsp. pseudoplantarum
L. casei subsp. rhamnosus
L. casei subsp. tolerans
L. coryneformis subsp. torquens
L. fructosus
L. hilgardii
L. homohiochi
L. plantarum
L. psuedoplantarum
L. reuterietc
L. yamanashiensis

Species Streptococcus
S. agalactiae
Sr. bovis
S. cremeris
S. faecalis
S. lactis
S. mutans
S. pneumoniae
S. pyogenes
S. salivarius
S. sanguinis
S. suis
S. viridans

Species Pediococcus
P. damnosus

Species Leuconostoc
L. mesenteroides

Species Bacillus
B. subtilis
B. graveolus


Species Saccharomyces
S. bayanus
S. boullardii
S. cerevisiae
S. florentinus
S. pretoriensis
S. uvarum

Species Kloeckera
K. apiculata

Species Hansenula
H. yalbensis

Species Candida
C. gueretana
C. lamica
C. valida

Species Torulopsis
T. insconspicna


*Please note, this list is for general informational purposes only. We do not test individual batches of Water Kefir Grains for yeast and bacteria content, therefore we cannot make any guarantees to the exact probiotic make up any particular set of Water Kefir Grains sold on our website.