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Latest Food Trends 2017

Posted by Didi Gorman on

Wow, time flies. I can’t believe we’re halfway through 2017 already!

Today we’re looking at some of the latest trends in the food world.

Have you tried cooking in a Sous Vide yet? Do you like Umami? And why is cooking-at-home all the rage these days?

That and more, coming right up! Enjoy!

Sous Vide

Sous Vide

If you’re a meat lover and wonder how to turn tough cuts into succulent meaty goodness, your dream has just come true!

This curious-looking appliance, called sous vide (pronounced Sue Veed, which is French for ‘vacuum’), uses the method of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath.1 The food is thus cooked through while retaining its moisture.2

We purchased one for our family a few months back, and after a short trial and error we’ve managed to produce some pretty awesome tender juicy meat, which would otherwise have ended up as tough as a shoe sole…

Non-GMO labelling


Next time you’re in the grocery store have a look around. You may notice a rise in Non-GMO labeling.

It might not seem very significant, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. As consumers we have the right to know whether our food has been altered from its natural state somewhere along the way before it hit our plates.

Remember, knowledge is power, and reading the labels will endow you with invaluable information about your food.

In search of Umami, ooh yummy!


This new buzz word comes to us from Japanese (No, seriously).

It means ‘delicious savory’ and has been touted as the 5 th taste after sweet, sour, salty and bitter. To pronounce it say ooh-muh-mee (the stress on ‘muh’)

It implies a certain ‘brothiness’ or ‘meatiness’ to a dish, whether broth or meat are actually present or not.

It is said that umami is the ‘oomph’ which makes our mouth water. But I’m still not sure this explanation sheds any more light on this somewhat open definition.

So to give you a more concrete idea, have you ever tried reducing  bone broth by simmering it gently to concentrate its flavor? The thick viscous aromatic liquid that you’re left with, is a natural umami.

Other naturally umami foods are: various aged cheeses, ripe tomatoes, celery, edible mushrooms (particularly dried Shiitake), soy sauce, cured meat, fish sauce, and yeast extracts such as Vegemite 3, - to name a few.

But why is it so trendy now, you may wonder? After all, the flavor that we know as delicious savory has been with us since the dawn of civilization, when our hunter-gatherer ancestors first started cooking in clay pots over the fire in their caves. They’d toss into those pots the prey and edible plants they hunted in the wild, thus creating an ancient version of meat stew or chicken soup. So where’s the novelty?

True, but our awareness of umami as a completely distinct taste is relatively new. And you must admit, it sounds fancier in Japanese! I mean, come on, saying your meal is umami is so much cooler than saying it’s pleasantly savory, right?

Oh, and another point: to fully appreciate naturally umami foods, one needs to stay away from heavily processed foods such as ready-made meals and fast foods which are laden with fake additives designed to enhance consumers’ perception of umami (and therefore cravings for those products). Why succumb to artificial compounds when you can get all the umami you want from real foods such as meat broths

Wait, what? You say you want to make your OWN umami dish?

Great idea!

Why not start with our family recipe for a hearty homemade chicken soup? Turns out, we’ve been cooking umami-licious for generations now, just never praised it in Japanese!

The return to home cooking

We owe part of the growing (and renewed) popularity of home cooking to the many cooking shows on the TV food channels, where everyday people like you and me are invited to share their joy of cooking with the rest of the nation.

People of all ages and all walks of life, regardless of occupation, gender or age, are taking up cooking. And by that I don’t mean professional cooking. Not at all. I mean cooking their own food at home for themselves and their families, as opposed to ordering in or using the microwave.

Grandmas cooking, kids baking, teens BBQing. Cooking is for everyone. No special skills required. 

Even my own children, after watching one of the kids cooking championships were inspired to surprise us with a homemade supper. One of them chopped fresh veggies vigorously into a bowl, while the others labored over fried eggs and homemade lemonade. For dessert we were treated to an ‘experimental’ chocolate pudding. I say experimental because they sure did let their culinary imagination fly with that one… Daddy’s pudding was decorated with parsley, while mommy’s pudding was served alongside dill pickles, simply because they wanted to try different flavor combinations… Uh, sure.

The joy and fun we had in that meal go beyond words.

When we see someone like the next door neighbor cooking on TV, it reflects us our own image. We think: “Hey, if they can do it, so can I!”

Yes you can! This is an empowering message. Don’t be intimidated by your kitchen or think these people on TV have some kind of a special talent.

Many experts even say that cooking is “in our DNA”. Meaning, this is something we humans have done for so many generations, no wonder we yearn for it. The simplicity and clean rich flavors of a homemade meal strike a deep chord within us, not to mention enormous satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

No secret that cooking at home also puts us in control over the ingredients we use, and is far more nourishing than a processed pre-packaged ready-made product which has just been zapped from frozen in the microwave.

Cooking at home, even on a small scale, is totally worth it.

A little tip for the time-starved: do most of your cooking on the weekends. If anything’s left, use it during the week.

If cooking at home tempts you but you worry about time, skill, or effort, how about we start you off light and easy?

Check out our fresh summer salads, and our homemade thirst quenchers for a hot summer day. They are a breeze to whip up.

For other recipes on our blog click  Recipes

Organic is now mainstream


Organic foods have finally made it to the forefront of our awareness and grocery stores. About time!

Gone are the days where ‘organic’ was synonymous with some withered lone vegetable on a dusty shelf in the far desolate corner of the only health food store in the area (I can see you’re smiling with agreement…)

Times have changed, my fellow consumer, and organic is now everywhere, which is great news.

I’ve been to at least 5 supermarket chains recently, and much to my delight, all carried a vast array of organic products: dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables, pastas, sauces and condiments, you name it. For the most part, prices were reasonable too.

Kudos to us, consumers, for having created a market by demand.

I hope you loved our post today. We have many  other cool posts on our blog for you to enjoy!

Wishing you a beautiful sunny weekend,

Wise Choice Market


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