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Caldwell's Starter Culture for Vegetables

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Caldwell's is the otiginal starter culture developed specifically for vegetables! This unique starter culture will help you make your own delicious fermented vegetables at home, including sauerkraut and many others. 

Each box includes clear instructions for fermenting vegetables yourself. With Caldwell's starter culture, your cultured veggies will be crispy, crunchy, and colorful, and they'll also retain more beneficial bacteria.

You can store Caldwell's starter culture in your fridge and use it whenever you want to make a new batch of fermented vegetables.

Click here for detailed instructions.

I just want to let you know that I've been very pleased with the results and the reliability of the product. I had made sauerkraut in the past and sometimes had to deal with the heartbreak of a batch going "off", so it's really nice to know you're basically guaranteed of a good result with Caldwell's. Thanks again for your help and all the best to you.
AT - Vancouver